A national workshop of key leaders and educators in Earth and Space Science was conducted 8/9/10/11 August 1999. Here the term "digital library" refers to both a collection of electronic materials, and the community based organization that manages the collection, develops new software tools, and provides consulting and training services to library users. It is intended for this digital library to become the central organizing tool for dissemination and coordination of curricular materials and instructional methods, and for developing interfaces with primary data needed for effective inquiry based study of the Earth System. continue

Comments will be received until 17 November 1999. The panel reports will be revised based on the comments received, and a final workshop report and community action plan will be developed and disseminated widely.

This effort is supported by the National Science Foundation and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

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This web site discusses a community wide effort to establish a digital library for earth system education.

Preliminary Report - Prepared by Cathryn A. Manduca and David W. Mogk    

Panel Reports

Panel Reports Comments

DLESE Steering Committee Selected

Information related to conducted workshop


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